Speaker: Peter Cowling

Professor Peter Cowling leads two large research labs at the University of York (IGGI and DC Labs) with a team of superintelligent (human!) researchers investigating how games and media can improve (human!) lives.


He wants to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to people, and is co-writing a book with Rob Wilmot aiming to do just that (www.thebook.ai). Why? If we are to make good decisions about the way AI interacts with our lives, the widest possible range of people need to know more.


He has over 25 years' experience of AI decision support systems leading to better roads, more efficient timetables, more profitable steel companies, and more enjoyable opponents in games.


Now he is interested in AI for eudaimonia. It's important. Really. Google it.



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9:30am - 3:30pm 
Friday 16/11/18
Everyman Cinema
Blossom Street
YO24 1AJ