Part One - Tim Leigh

This is Subject to Change


Part One: Constructed Realities, The Relationship between Tech and Truth 10:00 - 11:20

In this first session we will explore how memories are anchored, how we both engage with and protect ourselves from the world around us, and how technology can affect and reflect different kinds of truth.


Tim Leigh, Marketing Director Stage One - 'What if there...Virtual Reality Check'

Virtual reality is predicted to become a US$100 billion industry within ten years. But what if the whole premise of VR is flawed? What if abstraction from reality makes humans feel uneasy because it removes the physical anchors that we use to build community and create memories? How might we use augmented reality to blur the gap between what is real and what is not? How might we regain a sense of shared narrative? And what does this mean if we really are little more than just brains in jars?

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9:30am - 3:30pm 
Friday 16/11/18
Everyman Cinema
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